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Here are three of the diaries I have kept during my life. More will be uploaded once they have been transferred from paper to computer. Each is accompanied by a photograph of a significant happening during the year (for details, refer to the diary). Click on the link for each date to open the file.

Diary 1958


A (not very good) picture of a Russian whaling fleet in Wellington harbour. Whaling was a big deal then. I visited the mother ship (and got Russian coins and cigarettes as souvenirs, which I still have. I think these are stored in Keith's attic in New Zealand!)

Diary 1959


This year there were big protests throughout the country against an All Black tour of South Africa in 1960 becasue South Africa would not allow Maoris in the team. This picture shows a student protest in Wellington, one of the many that took place.

Diary 1960


This year, the "World Record Club" opened which I joined as it allowed us to get high quality recordings (vinyl discs of course!) cheaply. This pic is of a recording I bought, though I was disappointed as it was music only and no singing.

List of diaries

Here are all the diaries I have from 1958 to 2012. Some are missing. I don't know if I did not write diaries for the missing years or if they have been lost. You can select the diaries you want or, as they are all pdf format files, download them to your pdf viewer.

Folder containing the list of diaries

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The diaries can also open in the frame below. Click on the title to open.

Diary 1958

Diary 1959

Diary 1960

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