Educational Psychology


With my newly-minted PhD in Educational Psychology, I began to teach the subject at the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Education to the Diploma in Education students, that is, in-service or pre-service graduate teachers who teach or will teach in local secondary schools.

CUHK Educational Psychology Course

PLT slide

CUHK Ed Psych course outline

The course was entitled "Psychology of Learning and Teaching" (PLT). If you would like to view the course outline and the method of assessment for the course, click on the link below.

PLT 1 Course Outline 1998

Alternatively, you can view the course outline embedded in the viewer below.

Power Point slides for the lectures

My original slides are in power point format. The image above is one of the slides (# 32 in the viewer below). To view them, click on the link below. You will have to 'build up' each page line-by-line or paragraph-by-paragraph by pressing the 'down' or 'right' arrow keys on your keyboard (or the 'left' or 'up' arrow keys if you want to go backwards). This is how I would use them doing a class presentation. So, if you would like to learn some psychology of learning and teaching, you can follow this power point presentation in this manner.

NB: For a 'cleaner' view, when the site opens, click 'Start Slide Show' and also go full screen (press F11).

PLT Slides (power point presentation)

Alternatively, you can view the slides embedded in the viewer below. Here you will see the complete slides and will not have to build them up.